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Nhat Hung

Last Update 10 miesięcy temu

The "Report" section of Native Recommender is designed to provide you with all of the information on the app's results. All of this data will help you with your cart slider optimization efforts!

You can view the following:


  • Orders: Total number of orders checked out via Cart Drawer
    • Total revenue via cart drawer will be updated here
    • ROI (Return on Investment) is calculated as total revenue divided by the price of the current plan you're on.

  • Detailed:
    • The number of times a cart drawer is opened by a customer counts as cart impressions
    • The coupons have been successfully applied by the customer via the cart drawer
    • AOV (Average order value) is the average value of an order a customer has purchased via Cart Drawer

      To access the Report section, click on the "Report" button in the left-side navigation menu of the app: 

You'll be taken to the Report Dashboard, which will show you the app's performance over the last 15 days by default.

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