(FAQ) What is the difference between a regular shopping cart and Cart Drawer?

Nhat Hung

Last Update 10 months ago

It can be said that our Native Cart Drawer can enhance the shopping experience of customers by making it more convenient to view the shopping cart in the usual way that people usually use it. What is the difference between a regular shopping cart and Cart Drawer?

  • Regular shopping cart:

1. Typically displayed as a separate page on the website.

2. Requires customers to navigate away from the product page to view, modify, or manage their cart.

3. This can interrupt the shopping experience and potentially lead to higher cart abandonment rates.

4. Usually includes a "shopping cart" icon in the website header or a similar location, where customers click to access their cart contents.

  • Cart drawer:

1. Slides out from the side or bottom of the screen, overlaying the current page without taking customers away from the product they are viewing.

2. Offers a quick and seamless way for customers to view or edit their cart without disrupting their browsing experience.

3. Can help reduce cart abandonment rates by keeping customers engaged with the website and simplifying the cart management process.

4. The cart drawer can be triggered by a "shopping cart" icon or automatically appear when customers add a product to their cart.

In summary, the primary difference between a regular shopping cart and a cart drawer lies in the user experience. A cart drawer provides a more convenient and efficient way for customers to manage their cart while browsing an e-commerce website, contributing to a smoother shopping experience.

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